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Here you can create 'feeling maps'. What is a feeling map? It's a map you make on a site while you walk around, marking down spots which make you feel good or bad. You can rate a place with a plus or minus. Sometimes the satellite view is easier to use. Sometimes it's the map view. These ratings (dots, points) make up the heatmap. When you first make a map, it uses your latitude and longitude to center the map. But remember: smartphone GPS is only accurate to about 5 meters. Because of this, we have edit controls on the map, for you to place or remove points. Try it. There's also a facility for multiple group maps. Start a map, and then refresh and click "share". Then type in and submit the google emails of people you want to make the feeling map with. Everyone will get their own copy, until everyone is ready, then the original mapmaker clicks "close" on the shared map link, so everyone can see everyone else's points. This allows you all to see the agreement. Typically, people agree about what places feel good.

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